Verlassen und Bleiben


Verlaßen und Bleiben, 2019

Lithograph on paper, 76 cm x 56 cm, cabinet, dimensions variable.

Fense (I), 2018

Silkscreen on paper, 101.6 cm x 137.2 cm


Fense (III)_large181222copy1

Fense (III), 2018
Silkscreen on paper, 101.6 cm x 137.2 cm


Out of Mind, 2017

Allotment fragment, recovered and repaired. Missing information. Zen. Ridiculous.


Ed Bruce

Out of Mind II, 2018, Lithograph on paper, 70 cm x 50 cm


Out of Mind

Out of Mind, 2017, lithograph on paper. 30 cm x 20 cm


Left, 2017

In heavy industry’s lost-property office, the smell of sleeping oil, the monument that no-one sees. These are the relics of history’s assembly line, stopped, and clocked out.


G4834, 2017. Lithograph on paper x 2. 42 cm x 59 cm



WW, 2017, woodcut print. Engine oil and ink on paper. 59 cm x 84 cm.


TGWU, 2017, letter press, monotype print. Oil on paper. 29.7 cm x 21 cm


Station Ends, 2016

A series of monotype prints on the melancholia of the railway station. A solitary moment in a public space between trains, between lives.



PN, 2016. Monotype print

Water-soluble graphite on Japanese paper. 15 cm x 20 cm



Multi-panel monotypes from the Station Ends series. Water-soluble graphite on Sanmore paper. Stained ash wood frames.


ST, 2016. Nine panels. 2.7 m x 1.8 m



BNS, 2016. Four panels. 1.9 m x 1.26 m



PN, 2016. Four panels. 1.26 m x 1.9 m



Spire, 2006

Series of etchings, embossments, mono and collotype prints translating ascending architectural glory into descending gothic anxiety.


Welsh Presbyterian: 20 cm x 50 cm

Double SXF: 88 cm x 113 cm