Artist’s Statement

‘I make prints and performances. I work with dance, sound, codes, and acronyms to compose performances that often resemble games, sport and dancing. Print allows me to work in series, exploring different ‘crossbreeds’ and ‘amalgams’. I use typography, graphics and signs to create group insignia resembling sports teams. The subject of my work is the ‘shibboleth’ or the gang mentality that produces an ‘in group’ and an ‘out group’. The opposites are played down by situating them in a shared space akin to a games court, where they are in ‘free-play ’with one another. It is revealing to discover what happens when this clashing or mixing occurs. Where they meet, a hybrid is produced with a new meaning that is often unexpectedly lyrical.

My subjects are historical, neglected or abandoned forms that preserve a vital connection to our shared roots. Through my work I aim to renew their communal vitality and meaning.’